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January 2011: Nutrition

Week Four: 1/23/11-1/30/11.
Caffeine. RDA is no more than 200-300 milligrams a day. How much is in your coffee, tea, soda or sports drink?

Week Three: 1/16/11-1/22/11. Can food help lower cholesterol? Yup. What kinds? How about oatmeal, some kinds of fish, certain nuts, olive oil and sterol and stanol foods. Read more here.

Week Two: 1/9/11-1/15/11. Fiber. It was called roughage in the old days, and it's still good for you. You get it from fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans and a few other sources. Look here to see what it does for you and where to find it.

Week One: 1/2/11-1/8/11. Most of us eat too much salt, but we all need some of it to help keep our body fluids balanced and our nerves and muscles working properly. Read more here.


February 2011: Exercise

Week Four: 2/20/11-2/26/11. "Exercise has been linked to the prevention of some 25 health problems..." - Reported in Consumer Reports On Health, March 2011. Take a look at our previous three weeks this month for exercise ideas. Also, look below this green box to check out 10 web sites you should not trust for health info.

Week Three: 2/13/11-2/19/11. Video: Exercise for seniors. Don't lose your mobility!

Week Two: 2/6/11-2/12/11. There's no need to even leave Ft. O to exercise. Besides all the walking paths and the playground and the sidewalks, there's Absolute FIT. Here's an inside view of it.

Week One: 1/30/11-2/5/11. Can you dance your way to fitness? Try Zumba!

Watch a Zumba video


March 2011: Support/Connecting with Others

Week Four: 3/20/11-3/26/11. Grief Share. Dealing with the grief of loss is also part of being healthy. Losing someone you love is hard. No matter how well intentioned your friends and relatives may be, you will likely need the understanding that comes from others who have also lost a loved one. GriefShare helps you locate grief support groups in your area and has links to helpful resources, as well as an online store that sells useful materials (when I lost my husband it helped me tremendously to read serveral books by women who had lost husbands under similar circumstances). You can also sign up for daily e-mail messages that may help you on the road to healing.

Week Three: 3/13/11-3/19/11. Caregiving is hard work, often wrought with guilt that one is never doing enough. National Family Caregivers Association offers help, advice & connections. We're connecting to their Messages to Live By page as your starting point.

Week Two: 3/6/11-3/12/11. This award-winning web site helps you find others who suffer from the same symptoms and conditions you do and connect with them. Lots of surveys to help you see how others are dealing with their conditions, what's working for them, what's not.

Week One: 2/27/11-3/5/11. Connect with others suffering from cancer, MS, ALS, Parkinson's, fibromyalgia and more.


April 2011: Stress Management

Week Five: 4/24/11-4/30/11. Stress isn't all bad. It can help boost your memory and your immune system.

Week Four: 4/17/11-4/23/11. Nothing helps beat stress like walking. Try the city walking trails this week!

Week Three: 4/10/11-4/16/11. 7 Quick Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress.

Week Two: 4/3/11-4/9/11. 12 Ways to relieve extreme stress. A sharing by Tamara of

Week One: 3/27/11-4/2/11. Take this stress test to see where you stand. You may find there are more reasons for your stress than you realized .



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