The Crowd of People and the Crowd of Cars

Representatives of the City of Ft. Oglethorpe

Mayor Lynn Long (left) attended the Cruise-In. On the right, city Police Officers and Citizen Officers kept traffic flowing and orderly.
Entertainment and Good Deeds

And Now for the Cars...
Many apologies for not being able to get every car in the pictures.

And now for the insides of some of these cool cars.

And finally, be sure to close the trunk on your way out...

A lot of work goes into planning and staging a Cruise-In. Rather than risk leaving someone out, would like to extend a blanket thanks to everyone who helped make this fun event happen, from the people who hatched ideas to every person who gave of their time and effort and money. You know who you are -- you are appreciated much! We thoroughly enjoyed attending, helping at and taking pictures of the Cruise-In. We'll be there next time, too!

Cruise-In at the Park is sponsored by the city of Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia, and many other people who make it happen. To learn more about Cruise-Ins for the rest of 2011, click here.

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